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2018 Transfers

Posted by Mark Shaw on 22/10/2018 10:16

2018 transfers
The lists below show all players whose transfers are registered in respect of the 2018 season. Players are eligible to play in games on or after the registration date shown below.
  Club   Player   Club from   Date  
      Charles Ramsay   Easingwold   26th April 2018  
      David Foster   Harrogate   8th January 2018  
      Will Powell   Kirk Deighton   19th March 2018  
      Alex Jones   Blubberhouses   3rd April 2018  
      Gareth Connor   Brigade   9th April 2018  
      Josh Gorner   Ilkley   11th April  
      Josh Gretton   Forge Valley   26th April 2018  
      Ryan Thorp   Farsley   7th June 2018  
      Wahab Hussain   New Rover   13th April 2018  
      Kashif Rehman   New Rover   13th April 2018  
      Amraze Mahmood   Bradford Moor   16th April 2018  
      Muhammed Salman   Great Horton Park Chapel   11th May 2018  
      Saneera Nawarathne   East Keswick   18th May 2018  
      Tom Clayton   Collingham & Linton   8th January 2018  
      Haroon Rashid   Menston   9th April 2018  
      Mohammed Altaf   Queensbury   20th April 2018  
      Amjad Ali   Queensbury   20th April 2018  
      Martin Pugh   Hillam and Monk Fryston   24th May 2018  
      Naseem Aslam   Batley   27th July 2018  
      Joseph Holderness   Skipton   18th December 2017  
      Phil Raikes   Menston   16th February 2018  
      Tom Lawson   Spofforth   3rd April 2018  
      Alex Morrell   Beverley Town   4th May 2018  
      John Inglis   Bilton   29th May 2018  
  Ben Rhydding              
      Nick Smith   Adel   6th April 2018  
      Ethan Copping   Silsden   30th April  
      Benjamin Steyn    Wilsborough Green   3rd May  
      Callum Bott   Ilkley   14th June 2018  
      Jack Darwin   Otley   15th June 2018  
      Amir Hussain   Undercliffe   2nd March 2018  
      Muhammad Khalil Ullah   Sunderland   9th March 2018  
      Tuseif Arshad   East Bierley   16th April 2018  
      Richard Vass   Hampsthwaite   16th April 2018  
      Clyde Williams   Potterne   26th April 2018  
      Luke Haidar   Harrogate   9th July 2018  
      Callum Cardwell   Follifoot   20th July 2018  
      Cameron Martin   Follifoot   24th July 2018  
  Bolton Villas              
      James Brooksbank   Thackley   26th March 2018  
      Joe Lawrence   Welford Park   6th April 2018  
      Parag Mohite   Askham Bryan   13th April 2018  
      Pad Burns   Olicanian   17th April 2018  
      Bilal Ejaz   Bowling Old Lane   20th April 2018  
      Shiv Bhatoa   New Rover   16th May 2018  
      Junaid Jamshed   Saltaire   1st June 2018  
      Moey Hassan   Saltaire   6th July 2018  
      Lewis Bolton   Ben Rhydding   19th January 2018  
      Jack Stapleton   Albrough St. John   20th April 2018  
      Kashif Hussain   Garforth   20th April 2018  
      Sam Davidson   Ben Rhydding   14th June 2018  
      Samuel Gascoyne   New Rover   18th January 2018  
      Dave Britton   Olicanian   23rd January 2018    
      Mark Scaife   Horsforth Hall Park   3rd April 2018  
      Ed Whittingham    Shadwell   17th April 2018  
      Charlie White   Shaftesbury   22nd April  
      Jon Holah   Horsforth Hall Park   16th May 2018  
      Gagandeep Pooni   Idle    24th May 2018  
      Anish Verma   Yorkshire LPS    25th May 2018  
      Charlie Swallow   Horsforth   17th January 2018  
      Stephen Mowbray   Knottingley Town   20th Feburary 2018  
      Nishant Desai   Elland   26th March 2018  
      Jeremy Harrison   Bolton Abbey   17th April 2018  
      Jasper Cressey   Bolton Abbey   22nd April 2018  
      Amer Siddique   Ashcombe Park   13th May 2018  
      Jake Wilson   Crossgates   26th April 2018  
      Paul Horsey   Wetherby   26th April 2018  
      Oliver Waite   Carlton   7th June 2018  
      Kieran Grant   Kirk Hammerton   6th July 2018  
      Neil Waite   Carlton   1st August 2018  
      Callum Cardwell   Bilton   17th April 2018  
      James Keane   Ripley   1st June 2018  
  Green Lane              
      Imran Zaman   Ingrow St Johns   3rd April 2018  
      Nadeem Safdar   Ingrow St Johns   10th April 2018  
      Harry Cooper   Guiseley   26th April 2018  
      Sam Dixon   Bradford & Bingley   15th December 2017  
      Javed Slater   Burnt Yates   18th December 2017  
      James Colledge   Coventry Highway Spartans   17th April 2018  
      Andy Wear   Keighley   18th January 2018  
      Ben Crispin   Bradford & Bingley   3rd April 2018  
      Andrew Moulds   Woodlands   3rd April 2018  
      Romil Butt   Bradford & Bingley   20th April 2018  
      Sajad Ali   Bilton   1st February 2018  
      Andrew Robinson   Scholes   1st February 2018  
      Ryan Sharrocks   Pool   5th February 2018  
      Jibrael Malik   Ilkley   5th February 2018  
      Charlie Fairbank   Ben Rhydding   3rd April 2018  
      Ben Bowman   Cookridge   20th April 2018  
      Osama Ahmed   East Bierley CC   20th April  
      Nick Smith   Standish CC   20th April  
      Thomas Chamberlain   Bramcoat   20th April 2018  
      Luke Fairbank   Guiseley   7th May 2018  
      Haris Mohammad   Scholes (Cleckheaton)   21st June 2018  
  Horsforth Hall Park              
      Sam Wilkinson   Pool   4th January 2018  
      Kevin Woodley   Menston   9th January 2018  
      Paul Genders   Menston   9th January 2018  
      James Primmer   Menston   9th January 2018  
      Samuel Woodley   Menston   9th January 2018  
      Chris Feller   Menston   10th January 2018  
      Awais Khan   Menston   6th April 2018  
      Harish Kumar   Shelf   16th April 2018  
      Simon Curtis   Kirkstall Educational   17th April 2018  
      Ben Hartley   Pudsey St. Lawrence   18th April 2018  
      Robert Webster   Farsley   18th April 2018  
      Harry Wellock   Menston   27th April 2018  
      Regan Phillips   Drighlington   16th May 2018  
      Matt Sporle   Stansted Hall & Elsenham   18th May 2018  
      Jacob Phillips   Drighlington   1st June 2018  
      Simon Dickens   Rodley   13th July 2018  
      Joe Wallace   New Rover   23rd July 2018  
      Ryan Ridehalgh   Sutton   5th March 2018  
  Kirkstall Educational              
      Gabriel Field   Corsham   17th April 2018  
      Levi Towell   Cayton   18th April 2018  
      James Ledden   Scalby   18th April 2018  
      Connor Carson   Scalby   1st June 2018  
  Leeds Modernians              
      Jay Atkinson   Calverley   27th October 2017  
      Feraz Asghar   East Leeds   9th April 2018  
      Steven Lumley   Yorkshire Main   9th April 2018  
      Matthew Marshall   North Leeds   10th April 2018  
      Daniel Smith   Solihull Blossomfield   24th April 2018  
      Mohamed Shamir   St. Chad's Broomfield   11th April 2018  
      Akhtar Mahmood   Bowling Baptists   16th April 2018  
      Shekhar Aryan   St. Chads Broomfield   27th April 2018  
      Christian Elwiss-Hough   Killinghall   4th May 2018  
      Hrithik Patel   West Bowling   6th May 2018  
      George Marsden   Adel   10th May 2018  
      Khalid Mehmood   Holmfirth   11th May 2018  
      Uwais Mehmood          
      Ben Richardson   Burley   1st June 2018  
      Anas Imtiaz   North Leeds   21st June 2018  
  New Rover              
      Martin Finn   Scholes   20th Feburary  
      Sam Hills   Scarborough   28th February  
      Matthew Strickland   Parley   1st March 2018  
      Joe Wallace   Rawdon   13th March 2018  
      Wahab Hussain   Scarcroft   22nd March 2018  
      Kashif Rehman   Scarcroft   22nd March 2018  
      Sam Shearman   Tring Park   30th April 2018  
      Dave Watson   Andover   9th May 2018  
      Amir Bhatti   Ashton All Stars   6th July 2018  
  North Leeds              
      Michael Shelton   East Leeds   9th April 2018  
      Aqib Iqbal   Collingham   16th April 2018  
      Anas Imtiaz   Scarcroft   26th April 2018  
      Kshitij Kapote   Alwoodley   26th April 2018  
      John Heath   Appleby Frodingham   11th May 2018  
      Jonny Taylor   Shadwell   24th May 2018  
      Carlos Prowse   Walmley   23rd July 2018  
  Old Leodiensians              
      Christopher Richardson   Bardsey   26th March 2018  
      Holly Richardson   Bardsey   26th March 2018  
      Donovan Clayton   Leeds Caribbean   27th April 2018  
      Gopi Chemudupati   Saxton      
      Harold Campbell   Leeds Caribbean    7th June 2018  
      Mark Sugden   Rodley   29th June 2018  
      Luis Sugden   Rodley   29th June 2018  
      Hizar Hayat   Greetland   20th April 2018  
      James Cottle   Windhill & Daisy Hill   27th April 2018  
      Jonathan Hughes   Ilkley   5th February 2018  
      Jamie Pickering   Woodlands   20th Feburary 2018  
      Alex Atkinson   Woodlands   4th April 2018  
      George Hammond   Burley in Wharfedale   25th April  
  Pool   Adam Slater   Alwoodley   1st March 2018  
      Josh Nicholson   Kirk Deighton   28th March 2018  
      Jake Griffin   Wetherby   20th April 2018  
      George Myers   Beckwithshaw   5th Feburary 2018  
      Alexander Pyrah   Tong Park Esholt   8th July 2018  
  St. Chads Broomfield              
      Craig Lynam   Selston Town   19th December 2017  
      Jehan Rana   Penllergaer   16th February 2018  
      Connor Jones   Norton   20th February 2018  
      Usman Bari   Wombourn   9th March 2018  
      Hassan Mahmood   Denton (Surrey)   9th March 2018  
      Tom Erxleben   Groombridge   19th March 2018  
      Anand Kak   Peterborough Town   27th March 2018  
      Luis Rees-Hughes   Helperby   29th March 2018  
      Jack Popely   Embleton   27th April 2018  
      Niall Scott   Fiskerton & Thurgarton   13th June 2018  
      Nathan Robson   Leeds Modernians   20th July 2018  
      Junaid Jamshed   New Rover   18th January 2018  
      Aftab Khan   Haworth Road Methodist   30th March 2018  
      Irfan Hussain   Jer Lane   20th April 2018  
      Umair Hussain   Girlington   18th April 2018  
      Mussawar Shah   Girlington   20th April 2018  
      Moey Hassan   Green Lanew   22nd April 2018  
      Khizer Bin Khaliq   Great Horton Church   4th May 2018  
      Zahid Nissar   Pudsey Congs   10th May 2018  
      Fazal Hussain   Windhill & Daisy Hill   8th June 2018  
      Hassaan Sheikh   Undercliffe   14th June 2018  
      Jhanzaib Sulari   Friarmere   29th June 2018  
      Katherine Walker   New Rover   29th November 2017  
      Zarshad Khan   Menston   19th March 2018  
      Jeremy Rowland   New Wortley   4th April 2018  
      Awwal Gani   New Wortley   4th April 2018  
      Waqar Ashraf   Kirkheaton   13th April 2018  
      Harry North   Kirkstall Educational   17th April 2018  
      Paul Parkinson-Dennis   Scarcroft   30th April 2018  
      Tariq Mehmood   Salem Athletic   18th May 2018  
      Obe Ahmed   New Rover   24th May 2018  
      Jake Forrester   Seaham Harbour   19th April 2018  
      Matthew Raw   Skipton Church Institute   29th April 2018  
      James Emmott   Steeton   6th July 2018  
      Josh Robinson   Embsay   26th March 2018  
      Freddie Maddocks   Crossflats   26th March 2018  
      Elliot Wilson   Skipton   26th March 2018  
      Adam Swaine   Bolton Villas   23rd January 2018  
      Tom Johnson   Idle   9th February 2018  
      Kyle Martin-Hart   Idle   9th February 2018  
      Gareth Teasdale   Idle   6th March 2018  
      Aidan Holroyd   Windhill & Daisy Hill   29th March 2018  
      Joe Tate   Worcester   9th May 2018  
      Mohammed Shoaib   Frickley Colliery   10th May 2018  
      Daniel Gibson   Bingley Congregational   13th June 2018  
      Leon Harber   Horsforth   20th June 2018  
      Aston Dalladay   Baildon   13th July 2018  
      Chris Cummings   Burley in Wharfedale   26th July 2018  
  Tong Park Esholt              
      Waleed Akhtar   Green Lane   5th February 2018  
      Andy Oliver   Stokesley   6th April 2018  
      Christopher Oliver   Stokesley   6th April 2018  
      Nick Goldsmith   Stokesley   6th April 2018  
      Joe Lonsdale   Stamfordham   7th June 2018  
The lists below show all Student Dual Registration players & Loan players..
  Club   Player   Dual Club Type Date  
  St. Chads Broomfield   Max Levine   Market Harborough S    
  St. Chads Broomfield   Aidan Thatcher   Sandwich Town S    
  North Leeds   Daniel Gomersall   Carslile S    
  Adel   Rishi Chopra   Coleraine S    
  Old Leodiensians   William Newton   Hundall S    
  St. Chads Broomfield   Steve Gillies   Heworth S    
  St. Chads Broomfield   Sam Hirons   Needingworth S    
  Kirkstall Educational   Robert Johnson   South Holderness S    
  Kirkstall Educational   Adam Nevitt   Aston Manor S    
  Alwoodley   Charlie Armstrong   Addiscombe S    
  Alwoodley   Oliver Green   Lidgate & Ousden S    
  Old Leos   Gopi Chemudupati   Saxton L    
  Old Leos   Donovan Clayton   Leeds Carribean L    
  Bilton   Dominic Taylor   Burnt Yates L    
  Menston   Thomas Kaznowski   Howarth Road Methodists L 26/04/2018  
  Leeds Modernians   Harry Ash   Kirkley S 26/04/2018  
  Follifoot   Sanjay Mani   Harrogate L 26/04/2018  
  Old Leodiensian   Luis Sugden   Rodley L 27/04/2018-29/06/2018  
  Horsforth Hall Park   Mark Shaw   Calverley L 25/04/2018-31/07/2018  
  Horsforth Hall Park   Regan Phillips   Drighlington L 26/04/2018-15/05/2018  
  Ben Rhydding   Nicholas Withers   Hodnet, Peplow & Tibberton S 04/05/2018  
  Menston   Will Toplass   Leeds Modernians L 04/05/2018  
  Old Leodiensian   Jon Garrod   Horsforth Hall Park L 11/05/2018  
  Menston   Haroon Rashid   Bardsey L 11/05/2018  
  St. Chad's Broomfield   Will Taylor   Thornton Dale S 16/05/2018  
  Colton Institute   Amarjit Matharu   New Rover L 18/05/2018-26/07/2018  
  Colton Institute   Basharat Zaman   New Rover L 18/05/2018  
  Ben Rhydding   Toby Gray   Otley L 01/06/2018  
  North Leeds   James Mathewson   Chester-le-Street L 15/06/2018  
  Old Leodiensian   Martyn Knowles   Horsforth Hall Park L 19/06/2018  
  Olicanian   Stephen Wilkinson   Spring View L 15/06/2018  
  Rawdon   Andrew Vinal   Parkhead L 29/06/2018  
  Horsforth Hall Park   Michael Peel   Bolton Abbey L 13/07/2018  
  Follifoot   Joe Postle   Horsforth Hall Park L 20/07/2018  
  Menston   Amarjit Matharu   New Rover L 27/07/2018  
  Horsforth Hall Park   Finley Rowden   Leeds Modernians L 27/07/2018  
  Old Leodiensian   Thomas Stephens   Collingham & Linton L 01/08/2018  
  Follifoot   Mark Shaw   Calverley L 01/08/2018  
  Folifoot   Ben Abbott   Horsforth Hall Park L 03/08/2018  
  Olicanian   Jamie Davey   Burley L 03/08/2018  
  Old Leodiensian   Richard Fawcett   Bardsey L 09/08/2018  
  Rawdon   Adam Masters   Graveley L 09/08/2018  
  Shadwell   Joel Ireland   Southport L 10/08/2018  
  Horsforth Hall Park   Paul Townsend   Follifoot L 10/08/2018  
  Menston   Daniel Melrose   Green Lane L 17/08/2018  
  Ben Rhydding   Oliver Hatton   Mossley Hill L 17/08/2018  
  Menston   Sam Tate   Ben Rhydding L 18/08/2018  
  Menston   Richard Agar   Green Lane L 18/08/2018  
  Rawdon   Luke Filer   Oxton S 24/08/2018