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2017 Transfers

Posted by Mark Shaw on 27/10/2017 14:40

2017 transfers
The lists below show all players whose transfers are registered in respect of the 2017 season. Players are eligible to play in games on or after the registration date shown below.
  Club   Player   Club from   Date  
      Matthew Toner   Cowling   10th January 2017  
      Sam Brearley   Olicanian   23rd March 2017  
      Ben Thornton   Menston   25th July 2017  
      James Dobson   Darlington   4th December 2016  
      Sam Baxter   Hall Bower   13th March 2017  
      Mike Edwards   Ossett   13th March 2017  
      Willem Smith Moolman (AKA Jan-Harm Moolman)   Long Marston (Yorks)   31st March 2017  
      Jack Goldberg   Hornsey   10th April 2017  
      Richard Spry   Saltaire   22nd June 2017  
      Steven Townsend   Follifoot   11th February 2017  
      Pubudu Dasanayaka   East Keswick   11th Feburary 2017  
      Sonny Patel   Yorkshire LPS   27th March 2017  
      Rakhitha Wijayasiri   Sheffield & Phoenix United   4th April 2017  
      Elliott Holder   Lakenheath   12th April 2017  
      Ashfaq Ali   Sandy Lane   19th May 2017  
      Harwood Williams   Dunnington   4th April 2017  
      Sagar Shanghavi   Stony Stratford   24th April 2017  
      Sam Moore   Skipton   10th January 2017  
      George Myers   Rawdon   10th January 2017  
      Taylor Williams   Mochdre   18th April 2017  
      Toby Pratt   York   28th July 2017  
  Ben Rhydding              
      Henry Barrow   Addingham   20th April 2017  
      Shane Wineti   Northchurch   20th April 2017  
      John Inglis   Beckwithshaw   8th November 2016  
      Andrew Hawkswell   Harrogate   1st February 2017  
      Ashley Griffin   Harrogate   7th March 2017  
      Siraji Hussain   Birstall   15th June 2017  
      Andrew Walker   Bishop Auckland   21st July 2017  
  Bolton Villas              
      Thomas Pratt   Pool   23rd March 2017  
      Adam Swaine   Thackley   21st April 2017  
      Daniel Heaney   Thackley   7th May 2017  
      Ashan Tanveer   Idle   12th May 2017  
      James Frost   Ben Rhydding   4th December 2016  
      Redmond Bolton   Ben Rhydding   5th January 2017  
      Nicky Bulcock   Otley   13th January 2017  
      Arsaam Malik   Gomersal   19th April 2017  
      Cameron Shankland   Ben Rhydding   7th May 2017  
      Chris Cummings   Thackley   7th July 2017  
      Mark Shaw   Horsforth Hall Park   4th December 2016  
      Nick Lawson   Cookridge   12th April 2017  
      Daniel Holah   Horsforth Hall Park   19th April 2017  
      Darren Holmes   Rodley   17th May 2017  
      Mark Sugden   Rodley   26th May 2017  
      Luke Kilby   TABS   23rd February 2017  
      Kuda Samunderu   Rawdon   27th March 2017  
      Dorian Hiles   Tynedale   3rd April 2017  
      James Pearson   Liversedge   12th May 2017  
      Jack Pearson   Blidworth Colliery Welfare   19th May 2017  
      Noah Hiles   Tynedale   31st May 2017  
      Arvind Raina   St. Chad's Broomfield   4th April 2017  
      David Ryder   Thorp Arch & Boston Spa (TABS)   18th April 2017  
      Graham Casey   Thorp Arch & Boston Spa (TABS)   18th April 2017  
      Neil Marshall   Knaresborough   12th December 2016  
      Yasar Ali   Beckwithshaw   17th January 2017  
      Istikhar Hussasin   Beckwithshaw   17th January 2017  
      Nick Robinson   Spofforth   23rd March 2017  
      Thomas Clark   Spofforth   23rd March 2017  
      Christopher Clark   Spofforth   23rd March 2017  
      Craig Hunt   Spofforth   23rd March 2017  
      Jonathan Ross   Bilton in Ainsty   19th April 2017  
  Green Lane              
      Tom Melrose   Cookridge   28th April 2017  
      Richard Darfield   Yeadon   30th April 2017  
      James Thistlethwaite   Great Eccleston   6th April 2017  
      Gavin Hamilton   East Bierley   6th April 2017  
      Lee Gordon   Kirkstall Educational   20th April 2017  
      Tom Pratt   Ben Rhydding   14th July 2017  
      Mark Gilliver   Pool   14th July 2017  
      Liam Kelly   Illingworth   1st February 2017  
      Joshua Brooksbank   Thackley   16th February 2017  
      Daniel Viles   Trysull & Seisdon   23rd February 2017  
      Jeremy Rhodes   Addingham   21st June 2017  
      Robert Unsworth   Collycroft   30th June 2017  
      George Gill   Bradford & Bingley   21st July 2017  
      Ben Heritage   Rawdon   10th January 2017  
      Michael Kitson   Skelmanthorpe   10th January 2017  
      Jack Rich   Townville   2nd February 2017  
      Krishna Kumar   Old Crossleyans   2nd May 2017  
      James Brennan   Arthington   4th May 2017  
      William Marshall   Arthington   4th May 2017  
      Kaz Khudakar   Caldy   23rd July 2017  
  Horsforth Hall Park              
      Tom Lester   Menston   6th January 2017  
      Chris Brown   Benwell Hill   23rd March 2017  
      Bradley Fern   Hardwicke   5th April 2017  
      Tom Woodley   Guiseley   12th April 2017  
      Callum Postle   Rodley   26th April 2017  
      John Brough   Otley   19th July 2017  
      Andrew Rhodes   Otley   15th November 2016  
      Daniel Bott   Burley   10th April 2017  
      Bradley Goodaire   Thackley   13th April 2017  
      Zahid Iqbal   Sheffield & Pheonix   21st April 2017  
  Kirkstall Educational              
      Stephen Foster   Horsforth   3rd February 2017  
      David Tweed   Horsforth   22nd March 2017  
      Alex Kelly   Alwoodley   12th April 2017  
      Thomas Speak   Winnington Park   18th April 2017  
      Alexander Gray   Charlbury   19th April 2017  
      Ben Eckton   Unsworth   20th April 2017  
      Dylan Durasingham   Baildon   20th April 2017  
  Leeds Modernians              
      Christian Slinger   Hunslet Nelson   10th April 2017  
      Ashley Rowden   Tadcaster Magent   20th April 2017  
      Finley Rowden   Tadcaster Magent   20th April 2017  
      Alex Briggs   Rawdon   20th April 2017  
      Zayn Hussain   St. Chads Broomfield   12th May 2017  
      Benjamin Bealey   Damerham   1st June 2017  
  Menston   Amer Ayoub   Thackley   7th March 2017  
      Ryan Gibson   Oakworth   1st August 2016  
      Mark Dearden   Killingham   21st April 2017  
      Jack Stones12th May 2017   Crompark   22nd April 2017  
  New Rover              
      Oliver Whiteman   Harrogate   3rd February 2017  
      Matthew Smith   Stokesley   22nd March 2017  
      Rahat Shah   Kirkheaton   22nd March 2017  
      Junaid Jamshed   Pudsey Congs   31st March 2017  
      Arsaam Malik   Burley   21st April 2017  
      Nathan Brand   Great Alne   4th May 2017  
      Liam Chaytor   Woodhouse   24th May 2017  
      Shiv Bhatoa   Burley   22nd June 2017  
      Daniel Binks   Horsforth   22nd June 2017  
      Gurdeep Ryatt   Leeds Sikh   6th July 2017  
      Kamar Karim   East Keswick   14th July 2017  
      Wahid Khan   East Keswick   14th July 2017  
      Bashart Zaman   Scarcroft   14th July 2017  
      Moazam Inamdar   East Keswick   21st July 2017  
  North Leeds              
      Chris Baird   Crouch End   10th April 2017  
      Matthew Marshall   Frenchay   12th April 2017  
      Duncan Ralphs   Kirkstall Educational   20th April 2017  
      Umar Mir   Kirkstall Educational   21st April 2017  
      Haris Ahmad   Old Leodensians   24th April 2017  
      Stuart Wriglesworth   Alsager   5th May 2017  
      Will Levy   Burghley Park   12th May 2017  
      David Ford   Old Crossleyans   5th December 2016  
      Kervon Christmas   Ben Rhydding   22nd January 2017  
      Manley A DuPreez   Silsden   22nd January 2017  
      Christopher Meehan   Silsden   22nd January 2017  
      Tom Watson   Thackley   22nd March 2017  
      John-Henry (JH) Johnson   Addingham   18th April 2017  
      Nathan Goldthorp   Rawdon   3rd February 2017  
      Stephen Brown   Kirkstall Educational   3rd February 2017  
      Samuel Boyden   Menston   23rd February 2017  
      Jack Martin   Knaresborough Forrest   7th March 2017  
      Joshua Stephenson   Pudsey Congs   16th June 2017  
      Lee Jackson   Olicanian   8th July 2017  
      Lee Platts   Blubberhouses   10th October 2016  
      Ryan Sharrocks   Horsforth   4th April 2017  
      Cameron O'Donnell   Harrogate   20th April 2017  
      Douglas Jones   Arthington   20th April 2017  
      Joel Godfrey   Guiseley   14th July 2017  
      James Harding   Scholes   5th December 2016  
      Joe Wallace   Knaresborough Forrest   1st April 2017  
      Dan Nicholson   Guiseley   20th April 2017  
  St. Chads Broomfield              
      Stuart Hardaker   Featherstone Town   18th April 2017  
      Ben Lapworth   Narborough & Littlethorpe   18th April 2017  
      Sachin Nehra   Petts Wood   20th April 2017  
      Jamie Squires   Hadfield St Andrew's   20th April 2017  
      Jonathan Wager   Sutton Coldfield   20th April 2017  
      Ewan MacNab   Kirkella   20th April 2017  
      Joe Hayhurst   Bury   28th April 2017  
      Chris O'Reilly   Leeds Modernians   28th April 2017  
      Lewis Dickinson   Eastwood Town   9th May 2017  
      James Wilkie   North Ferrybridge   13th July 2017  
      David Fillingham   Roehampton   21st July 2017          
      Chris Langley   Pateley Bridge   23rd March 2017  
      Adam Butt   Bradford & Bingley   23rd March 2017  
      Marcus Richardson   Dumfries   23rd March 2017  
      Zain Ul Abdin   Salem Athletic   26th March 2017  
      Saim Butt   Great Horton Church   4th April 2017  
      Asad Hamid   Wilsden   6th April 2017  
      Mohammad Khuzaifa   Farsley   20th April 2017  
      Abdulmuizz Qureshi   Bradford & Bingley   20th April 2017  
      Zain ul Abdin   Salem   20th April 2017  
      Zuhaib Zaman   Whittingham & Goosnargh   21st April 2017  
      Zak Khan   Riddlesden   21st April 2017  
      Hammad Ul Hassan   High Halstow   21st April 2017  
      Lewis Martin   Spalding Town   24th May 2017  
      Adam Hardwick   Steeton   19th December 2016  
      Malcolm Birks   Nelson   2nd February 2017  
      Elliott Wilson   Bradley   23rd March 2017  
      Carl Tetley   Gargrave   31st March 2017  
      Majid Inayat   Silsden   3rd April 2017  
      Ben Southern   Silsden   13th April 2017  
      Owen West   Oakworth   28th April 2017  
      Jake Starkey   Upper Wharedale   28th February 2017  
      Joe Stead   Skipton   19th April 2017  
      Harry Rowe   Oakworth   17th June 2017  
      Stefan Mather   Idle   10th April 2017  
      Umar Farooq   Kirkstall   11th April 2017  
      Mamoon Rashid   Baildon   19th April 2017  
      Robert Gibson   Undercliffe   27th April 2017  
      Muhammed Khurshid   Brighouse   24th May 2017  
      Craig Verity   Menston   26th May 2017  
      Anthony Mather   Idle   26th May 2017  
      Daniel Pratt   Undercliffe   23rd June 2017  
      Daniel Gibson   Great Horton Park Chapel   27th June 2017  
  Tong Park Esholt              
      Mohammed Nadim   Bilton   6th April 2017  
      David Dawson   Great Horton Park Chapel   20th April 2017  
The lists below show all Student Dual Registration players.
  Club   Player   Dual Club   Date  
  Adel   Ross Allen   Eglinton   31st March 2017  
  Horsforth   Shahrukh Khan   East Lancashire   10th April 2017  
  Kirkstall   Jordan Bell   Burnmoor   18th April 2017  
  Beckwithshaw   Steve Bullen   Corsham   18th Aprill 2017  
  Kirkstall   Will Herrington   Welford Park   20th April 2017  
  Kirkstall   Robert Johnson   South Holderness   20th April 2017  
  Leeds Modernians   Alex Briggs   Westgate   20th April 2017  
  Kirkstall   Adam Nevitt   Aston Manor   21st April 2017  
  Follifoot   Elliot Jennings   Cambridge NCL   28th April 2017  
  Otley   Aaron Collett   Little Baddow   5th May 2017  
  Leeds Modernians   Brad Eckersley   Atherton   12th May 2017  
  Adel   Ben Quirk   Newcastle   26th July 2017