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Posted by A&WSCL on 02/08/2015 04:44

6. Umpires - 2019

6.1 - Umpires Panel

A panel of Umpires shall be maintained by the Airedale & Wharfedale Umpires Association (AWUA). 

All Umpires shall become members of the AWUA.

6.2 - Match Appointments

  • The AWUA shall where possible appoint two umpires to all League and Cup matches.   Where this is not possible one umpire will be appointed.  In the case of extreme shortage of umpires, no umpires will be appointed and both clubs shall be informed prior to the match.

    Should any umpire be unable to accept his appointment they shall update Who’s the Umpire (WTU) as soon as possible or in the case of an emergency contact the AWUA Umpires Appointments Officer directly.

    A substitute umpire shall not be barred from standing at the bowling end, provided the Captains agree, but all decisions based on these League Rules shall be made by appointed Umpires only.

6.3 No umpires present

If an umpire is absent 15 minutes prior to the scheduled commencement of a match, the captains will make the toss and exchange ECB team cards. Should there be still no umpire when the time of commencement is due the players from amongst their number or Club officials will umpire the match, which will start on time. This will be continued until either an umpire arrives or the match has come to a conclusion. On no occasion will a match be cancelled for the non-arrival of an umpire.

6.4 - Payment of Umpires

All matches, including Cup Finals, shall attract reasonable travelling expenses.   Mileage shall be charged at a maximum of 35 pence per mile.  The maximum expenses charge shall be £25.00

Note that travelling expenses are not limited to mileage; If an umpire gets the bus or train and pays for the journey they can claim for the ticket price of the journeys which may be more than the mileage charge for the same distance.

The ‘Home’ Club shall pay the Umpire match fees as follows based on the scheduled match length.

Scheduled Match Length

Standard Fee

Enhanced Fee

No Play Fee

100 overs




90 overs




80 overs








The Enhanced Fee is payable for officiating at both ends when only one officially appointed umpire is present.

Waddilove, Birtwhistle and the Ian Chappell Cup Finals

The League will pay the umpires as follows:

£20.00 (or at the option of the Umpire, the equivalent as a memento)


In order to allow the Umpires to leave the ground immediately after the Match, Clubs are required to arrange for payment to be made during the interval between innings.       

All persons who officiate as Umpires whether on the League Panel or filling a vacancy shall be offered the full fee and expenses in accordance with the circumstances of the match..

6.4 - Registration for Who's the Umpire

All Club captains, vice captains and Secretary's MUST register not later than 7 days prior to the season.  Failure will result in a Level 1 fine for each week there is no registration for each position.

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