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Player eligibility (league matches)

Posted by A&WSCL on 01/08/2015 07:16

5. Qualification of players (league matches) - 2019

All clubs are responsible for the accuracy and bona fide recording of all registrations.  This includes, but is not limited to Play Cricket registrations, transfers and overseas player registrations for both current and new players.


5.1 - Registration of Players

Any bona-fide member of a club may take part in League matches provided that:

All players, including junior players, shall be electronically registered on Play-Cricket.

All players should be registered prior to playing in any match, however it is appreciated that there are times where there will be last minute call ups.

Anyone called in at the last minute needs to be registered as soon as possible after the match and in all cases not later than 72 hours after the scheduled start of the match.

Failure to register a player by this time will result in a minimum of a Level 2 fine.

5.2 - Transfer of Players

Any player who has played with a club in this league or another league in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland within the last 5 calendar years requires a transfer or clearance certificate and meets the relevant requirements of YCB Rule 9.

For transfers between clubs in the league the transfer shall be completed in Play-Cricket.  No paper transfers will be accepted.

For transfers from clubs in other leagues who use Play-Cricket for player registration the transfer shall be completed in Play-Cricket.  A list of these leagues will be provided by the league on an annual basis.

For transfers from clubs in any other league the usual paper transfer form is required, including date & place of birth of the player.

Play-Cricket Transfers must be agreed by the releasing club not later than 24 hours before the scheduled start of a match for the player to be eligible to play for their new club.

Paper transfers must be received by the league via email - not later than 24 hours before the scheduled start of a match to be eligible to play.

Any player transferring must not be transferred if they are being released by their Club to specifically play or is not specifically playing on the day(s) on which his Club is not engaged in its own domestic League programme whether their Club or League is or is not affiliated to the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

Any player transferring under this rule must play for their new club prior to 1st August.

Transfers shall not usually be allowed after 31st July, however the League Management Committee may allow transfers in specific cases and will be considered on a case by case basis, and reserve the right to withdraw the approval for the remainder of the season.

Where a transfer has been received by the League, but is not completed prior to any transfer deadline the club submitting the transfer shall not be permitted to loan the player.

5.3 - Playing Restrictions - Last 3 Matches

Players who have played in 12 or more 1st XI League matches shall not be allowed to play in any of the last three 2nd XI matches without the sanction of the Management Committee.

Players who have played in 12 or more 1st or 2nd XI League matches shall not be allowed to play in any of the last three 3rd XI matches without the sanction of the Management Committee, except for those eligible under Rule 5.5.

Applications shall be emailed to including a link to the players Play-Cricket statistics page.

5.4 - Student Dual Registration

i) Any bona fide Student who is studying at a Further Education Establishment can be registered by a club on a "Dual Club" basis. 

A student registration form must be sent to AND the player registered on Play-Cricket no later than 24 hours before the first match in which they intend to play. 

The player can then play for both their "home" and "AWSCL" club without a transfer being required.  This needs to be applied for on an annual basis.

ii) Overseas Players as defined in 5.9 are not eligible for this registration.  Overseas Born English Residents are eligible but need to also register as such.

iii) No Student Dual Registrations after 1st August without approval of the Management Committee.

5.5 - 3rd XI Competition

i) Players playing in the 1st or 2nd XIs on the Saturday previous to a 3rd XI Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday game shall be ineligible to play for the 3rd XI that weekend.

The exception to this rule are those players who are Under 17 on 1st September of the previous year who have played 1st XI cricket that weekend or players who are Under 19 on 1st September of the previous year who have played 2nd XI cricket that weekend.

ii) When a 1st or 2nd XI match has been cancelled, no player who has played more 1st and 2nd XI League matches than 3rd XI matches shall be allowed to play in the 3rd XI competition that weekend unless they qualify as an Under 17 or Under 19 as above or in part iii) below.

iii) Up to 3 senior players who have played for the 2nd XI may play for the 3rd XI on the same weekend or following weekend. 

NB. Any player who plays for a 3rd XI in a match prior to the start of the 1st or 2nd XI programme, cannot play for the 1st or 2nd XI on the following Saturday without the prior consent of the Management Committee.

NB. The term Weekend above includes Bank Holiday Monday.

5.6 – 3rd XI Play-Off Final
In the event of a 3rd XI Play-Off Final, all players must either have played a minimum of 5 games for the 3rd XI that season or have played in each of the last three games immediately prior to the Play-Off Final.

5.7 - Loan Players

i) Any player can play for another club with the permission of the club holding their registration, but excluding regular 1st XI players except where a club only has 1 team in a lesser league, Under 19 players may be loaned subject to approval in advance from the Management Committee.

The player shall be registered by the loaning club in Play-Cricket, ensuring transfer is unticked and Loan player is stated in the comments.  The player’s home club shall Accept the loan in Play-Cricket to show their permission.

Additionally, players from clubs outside the League can be utilised in the same fashion as long as they are not regular 1st XI players for their club, permission to be shown from club holding their registration either via Play-Cricket or email.

No loans after the 18th match of the season without permission from the League.

The club to whom the player is loaned are not able to sign the player for the current or subsequent season without specific permission of loaning club and the League.

Players under this rule are not limited to number of clubs they can be loaned out to.  Under 18 age group and younger players also require parental permission which is a matter for the clubs to deal with.

A ‘regular 1st XI player’ shall be defined as a player the majority of whose recent previous appearances have been in the first team.

ii) Loan of Under 19s to lesser leagues

Clubs are permitted to loan out bona fide Junior players (who are Under 19 on 1st September of the previous year) to clubs in lesser cricket leagues as defined by the Management Committee.

Any player loaned to another club under this scheme can be recalled by their club to play in 1st, 2nd or 3rd XI matches without the need for a transfer form.

Agreement with the other League and its Clubs will be sought by the club wishing to loan the player(s).

Players being loaned out under this scheme to be registered with the League prior to playing for the loan club - an email should be sent to

iii) Loan players are not eligible to play for 1st XIs

5.8 – Overseas players playing in 2nd or 3rd XI Matches
No overseas player shall play in any 2nd XI or 3rd XI match without special dispensation from the League Management Committee.

This does not apply to Overseas Born English Residents.

5.9 Overseas Players

In accordance with current ECB qualifications as interpreted by the Management Committee whose decision is final.

No club will be allowed to register more than one overseas player in a season.

An overseas player must be registered on Play Cricket and paperwork emailed to not later than 23:59 on the Thursday prior to the match.  The last date for registrations shall be 29th July and they must play at least one league or cup game prior to 1st August.  Registrations may be replaced until 23:59 on the Thursday prior to the start of the season.  No overseas player may play for more than one club in the league in any season.

An overseas player is considered to be a cricketer not qualified to play for England under the current ECB regulations or is qualified to play for Scotland under current Cricket Scotland regulations or is qualified to play under Norther Cricket regulations relating to Northern Ireland only (not Ireland).  Any such player cannot receive any remuneration from the playing or coaching of cricket as the main source of income.

NOTE: Players holding a Tier 1 Visa will not be considered as an overseas player for this rule, however still need to be registered with the league, however must play at least one game prior to 1st August.


Subject to overriding discretion of the ECB, acting with the consent of the International Cricket Council, a Cricketer will only be qualified to play for England in a Test Match or in a One Day International Match if;

They are either a British citizen or an Irish citizen; AND either

i) they were born within England and Wales; OR

ii) they have been resident in England and Wales for the immediately preceding seven consecutive years; AND

they have not during the immediately preceding four consecutive years either played cricket for any ICC Full Member Country outside the EEA at U17 level or above, or

played First Class Cricket in any such ICC Full Member Country except as an overseas cricketer under local rules similar to (iii) below, or in any other circumstances approved by the ECB; AND

they make, whenever requested by the ECB, a declaration in the form set out in Annex A to the ECB Regulations.

Clubs must ensure that they have the correct Visa for players and bear in mind that some such Visa’s require Clubs to register with the ECB.

iii) In the case of a Cricketer seeking to become qualified under ii) above they will (until they have become qualified to play for England) only be treated as having been resident within England and Wales for the relevant consecutive period if he has spent a minimum of 210 days in each year within England and Wales (for which purpose "year" shall mean a year ending 1st April). 


i) they were born in Scotland OR
ii) they hold a UK passport AND has a parent who was born in Scotland OR
iii) Has been resident in Scotland for at least 183 days in each of the previous four calendar years.

i) they were born in Northern Ireland OR
ii) has been resident in Northern Ireland for at least 183 days in each of thhe immediately preceding four years AND has not participated in an internation match for any other National Cricket Federation during the immedately preceding four years.


iv)  Subject to (ii) above an overseas player who has been resident in England & Wales for a minimum of 2 years and under 7 years prior to the date of the current season registration, will be considered as an ‘Overseas Player England Registered Player’.   A Player so registered is not classed as the Club’s overseas player BUT MUST REGISTER ANNUALLY until they qualify to play for England as defined above.  

v)  An overseas player who is under 17 on the 1st September of the PREVIOUS YEAR and is normally resident in this country with his PARENTS OR GUARDIANS, Subject to (iii) above shall be eligible to register as an ‘Overseas Player (Junior)” however still need to be registered with the league, however this may be after the start of the season, however must play at least one game prior to 1st August.


All Clubs are responsible for the bone fide registration of all overseas players and must assure themselves that the player complies with regards the above and has the correct Visa.  The players must complete the relevant form required in full, i.e. before 23:59 on the day preceding the season start (Overseas Players), within 24 hours of the scheduled start of a match (Tier 1, OPER & U17)

Rule 5.1 & 5.2 will apply, refers in part to transfers from Clubs in England & Wales.

If there are any doubts, then the Club Secretary must contact the League Secretary in the first instance for clarification.

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