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League competition

Posted by MS on 01/08/2015 07:05

2. League competition - 2019
2.1 – Match Programmes
The League shall operate such number of Divisions as the Management Committee shall decide.  Where possible each team shall play every other team in their division on a home and away basis.

No club shall be permitted to have more than one team in any division.

Any new teams shall be placed in such a division of the League as the Management Committee thinks fit.
2.2 – Method of Scoring
Each “WIN” shall count as 10 points plus bonus points.
Where scores finish level, the match is a “TIE”, 5 points plus bonus points.
Each “LOSS” shall count as 0 points plus bonus points.
Each “CANCELLED” match (no play) shall count as 3 points each
In a match affected by weather or bad light, where there is an imbalance of overs in favour of the side batting first, a “WIN” can only be achieved if they bowl out their opponents or if their score is beaten by the side batting second.

A side batting second and winning shall receive 5 batting bonus points and deduct one point for each complete 2 wickets lost, however will gain a point at 125 and each 25 runs up to and including 200 however can only obtain a maximum of 5 batting bonus points in the innings. (See table below)
If all 5 of the below criteria are met then Side B's inning is not deemed to be a completed innings in accordance with Law 12.3 and the match will be considered to be "ABANDONED" as per the next paragraph:
  • Side A bat first and declare or are bowled out resulting in additional overs being allocated to side B.
  • Side B bat for at least the same number of overs as side A.
  • Side B have not reached the score achieved by side A.
  • Play is supsended due to Ground, Weather or Light conditions.
  • Play does not resume.
In all other circumstances the match is considered to be “ABANDONED”, 3 points plus bonus points, unless at the point of abandonment the scores are level then the match shall be a "TIE".
Bonus points shall be awarded as follows
Wickets Lost


or less

125-149/100-124/75-99 150-174/125-149/100-124 175-199/150-174/125-149 200+/175+/150+
0 5 5 5 5 5
1 5 5 5 5 5
2 4 5 5 5 5
3 4 5 5 5 5
4 3 4 5 5 5
5 3 4 5 5 5
6 2 3 4 5 5
7 2 3 4 5 5
8 1 2 3 4 5
9 1 2 3 4 5


  Division 1-3 Division 4-6 3rd XI Wickets Taken
Points Runs  
1 125 100


2 150 125 100 4
3 175 150 125 6
4 200 175 150 8
5 225 200 175 10
Should a side be deemed to be all out, either because they have an incomplete team, a batsman absent or one or more batsmen retired hurt and unable to return, then 5 bowling points will be awarded to the fielding side.
(ii) – In any League match, in the event of a side fielding an ineligible player, such a Club will forfeit any points gained in the matches in which the ineligible player participated and the result will be recorded as a loss for the offending team. These points will not be awarded to any other team. This principle will apply to any offences where a deduction of points is applied.
2.3 – Trophies
i) The following trophies shall be awarded at the end of each season:-
1st Teams
Championship of Division 1 – The Naylor-Jennings Trophy and Howard Stott Pennant.
Runners up of Division 1 – The Jack Sullivan Cup.
Championship of Division 2 – The Elsworth Cup.
Championship of Division 3 – The J. K. Harrison Trophy.
Reserve Teams
Championship of Division 1 – The Airedale and Wharfedale Cup.
Runners up of Division 1 – The George Reah Trophy.
Championship of Division 2 – The J. C. Stone Trophy.
Championship of Division 3 – The David L. Steel Trophy
3rd Team Championship – The Denys Bull Trophy.
Club Championship – The Burmah Oil Trophy.
(ii) In the event of two or more Clubs tying for a League Championship, each having gained an equal number of points at the end of the season, then the Championship Team shall be the one having won the most League matches during the season, then as in Rule 2.4 (iii), the same criteria will decide which Club shall be runner up.
(iii) The Burmah Oil Trophy Club Championship shall be awarded annually to the Club with the highest number of aggregate points 1st and 2nd teams. In the event of two or more Clubs tying, the trophy will be held jointly.
2.4 – Promotion and Relegation

 (i) At the end of each season the team gaining the highest number of points shall be adjudged the Champions of the Division.

(ii) At the end of each season the top two teams in each Division (except Division 1) will be promoted and the bottom two teams in each Division (except the lowest Division) will be relegated save that in any season where one or more clubs have been admitted into membership of the league or one or more clubs have withdrawn from membership of the league or any promotion or relegation would result in a club having more than once team in the same league then any question affecting promotion or relegation from or to any Division of the league shall be a decision to be made by the Management Committee in its absolute discretion.  

 (iii) In the event of two or more Clubs tying for any position affecting promotion or relegation to or from any Division or affecting retirement from the League, the matter shall be resolved as follows, after:
a) taking into account the most number of matches which the particular teams have won
b) if teams remain tied, then taking into account the least number of matches which the particular teams have lost
c) if the teams remain tied then the proportion of average number of runs scored ‘for’ per wicket, to the average number of runs scored ‘against’ per wicket, in the League shall be the determining factor.
(iv) Clubs will be awarded points baised  their 1st & 2nd XI's League position.  The top placed team in Division 1 shall receive 72 points, the second placed team 71 points and 1 fewer point for each place lower in the League, with the team in 12th place of Division 6 receiving 1 point. The two clubs with the lowest number of points shall retire from membership of the League but shall be automatically eligible for re-election.  If a club is not relected all their teams in the League will be automatically disqualified from membership of the League.
2.5 – Cancellation of Matches
(i) No league match shall be cancelled without the sanction of the Management Committee except for weather or ground conditions.
(ii) League matches may be cancelled on account of weather or ground conditions at any time on the day of the match up to two hours before the scheduled start time by mutual agreement between the two Clubs concerned. After a cancellation has been accepted by the Secretary or other authorised official of the visiting Team, no protest under Rule 8.1 can be considered.
It is up to the Home Club to telephone the appointed umpires to advise that the match is cancelled.
(iii) Any Club failing to fulfil a fixture shall be dealt with by the Management Committee.
Note: The cancellation of matches is permitted solely for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary travelling by visiting Teams, but the visiting Team has the right not to agree to the cancellation until the ground has been inspected by them. In these circumstances the Umpires should travel to the ground in order to give a decision if necessary, with regard to the fitness for play. (Rule 3.8)
If, upon arrival at the ground, the Umpires then confirm that the ground is indeed unfit for play and abandon the game, the visiting team shall become liable for the payment of Umpires` expenses and their fees.
2.6 – Notification of Results
“The ‘Home’ Club shall notify the result of all matches as follows:
Divisions 1-3 & 1st XI Cup Competitions
a) phone result into Gosnays by 9pm on the day of the match
b) add result, scores and full scorecard to Play Cricket by 11pm on the night of the game
c) away team to confirm their agreement that the result and scorecard have been entered correctly on Play Cricket by 11pm the day after the game
All players must be named on the scorecard.
Divisions 4-6, 2nd XI Cup Competitions & 3rd XI
a) add result and summary scores to Play Cricket by 10pm on the night of the game
b) full scorecard to be added to Play Cricket no later than 24 hours after the scheduled start of the match
c) away team to confirm their agreement that the result and scorecard have been correctly entered into Play Cricket no later than 48 hours after the schedule start of the match.
Press sheets will no longer be required and 2nd / 3rd XIs will no longer need to send texts / calls with their results.
Clubs not conforming to this rule will be liable to a Level 1 fine.
2.7 – 3rd XI Competition
Clubs may enter a 3rd XI in the 3rd XI Competition and matches will be played on a League basis as arranged by the Management Committee to fit the number of Teams entered. The Management Committee will endeavour to ensure that each Team plays all the others at least once during the season. Matches will be scheduled for Sundays (or Bank Holidays) but both Clubs may mutually agree on an alternative date, provided this is notified in writing by both Clubs to the League Secretary by 8th February in the year of the Competition. Clubs may, by mutual agreement, switch home and away venues to accommodate external cup fixtures, which have to be held on the nominated home ground. In the case of dispute, the decision of the League Management Committee will be final. Clubs may also arrange by mutual consent to vacant Waddilove/Birtwhistle/Chappell Sundays, provided that 10 days written notice is given to the League Secretary in all cases of such changes.
(i) There will be no promotion or relegation from the 3rd XI Championship.
(ii) Rules 2.2, 2.3,2.4 (iii), 2.5 and 2.6 shall also apply.